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Growing up ICA, and Proud to be!

Ignite Cheer has over the years, hired from within. Our cheerleaders grow up in the program understanding the meaning of giving back to the community. Many of our cheerleaders understand the importance of this and being a non profit, they want to share their knowledge with the younger generation of cheerleaders and volunteer their time to our non profit and its cheer athletes. We feel that ICA is more than cheerleading. It's a character building experience as well. We promote family, kindness, sharing, caring, sportsmanship, friendship, the value of hard work, responsibility and dedication. Our legacy is excellence in the sport of cheerleading. We strive to challenge our athletes to excellence, to improve to move to the next level. Building confidence which they will need in the future. We especially see how much confidence can help our athletes achieve great things in their future endeavors.

Dream, Believe, Achieve with Ignite Cheer Allstars!

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